Our chef-instructors are experienced professionals with impressive achievements in their field. They continue to be involved in contemporary creative trends and share that knowledge and techniques with their students. They know first-hand what employers are looking for, and provide practical, hands-on education based on those requirements

Chef Lawrence Alexander CCC
Chef Lawrence began his venture in the food industry at the supply end of the system. His first jobs were working on fruit farms in the Niagara Region and on a small cattle farm in the Guelph area. Like most people in kitchens, he got his start as a dishwasher, paid attention to what was happening in other parts of the kitchen and got a chance to work in the pantry area on a busy Saturday when the kitchen was short staffed. That is where his passion began.
Chef Lawrence attended Niagara College where he graduated at the top of his class and was awarded the Apprentice of the Year award from the Niagara Chefs Association. He completed his apprenticeship working at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake and also wrote his Red Seal Certification. He continued working in various restaurants in the Hamilton and Burlington area until he got his first Chefs position at The Water Street Cooker in Burlington. While at the Cooker, Chef Lawrence was invited to join the Culinary Team at Liaison College in Hamilton in 1998 and taught the part time program for a number of years.
The lure of opening his own restaurant came to fruition when he and his partners opened Las Aguas restaurant in Hamilton, a fine dining restaurant that received many great accolades for its unique food and was reviewed and listed in the book Where to Eat in Canada. At the time, it was the only restaurant listed in the Hamilton area. But like many great restaurants it closed.
While at Las Aguas, Chef Lawrence wrote his Chef de Cuisine Certification and was invited to be an examiner for the Canadian Culinary Federation, CCFCC.
Chef Lawrence currently hangs his pots at his two restaurants in Niagara Falls. The Famous, a 24 hour diner style restaurant in the Fallsview Casino and at Triple D`s Diner, a small local restaurant with some unique menu offerings.  
Chef Lawrence rejoined Liaison College in the fall of 2013, once again teaching the part time class, hoping to feed the passion of aspiring Chefs and Cooks. 

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